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Do you think you a true El’s Angel? Maybe you are, or maybe you aren’t. By the time you get to the bottom of this page, you will know the answer to that question.

Eloise Laws is an inspiring entertainment artist who has kept legions of El’s angels hooked to her voice and every turn for more than thirty years now. Born in 1943, El (as she is popularly known) and her signature easy going style has enabled scores of people to tap into their inner power and realize their true potential. This is due to her sensual voice combining with easily identifiable sounds and music rhythms to come up with songs that go right into the heart of the person listening.

El’s songs have a deep and personal message attached to them. You can feel their vibrating power and strength with each stirring note. Watching her perform live on stage gives you the feeling that this is a woman who has tapped into the power, strength and grace of her femininity and used it to empower other women throughout the world.
The good news is that Eloise Laws has not restricted herself to the music world alone. You can also find her on Broadway, where she has performed on stage as a drama actress. She has also helped co write a musical, which just goes to show you how talented El really is. It is also important to note that her musical, “It Ain’t Nothin’ But the Blues” has been nominated for the Tony award four times. She has also been nominated for a Best Actress award in a Broadway Musical. These are notable accolades that any El’s angel fan should be aware of. By singing about relevant life situations, El has managed to leave a significant impact on the world through her music. Even as people dance and sing along to her powerful lyrics, there is a general feeling of power and possibility floating around when she stands on the stage and performs.

With her new singles, El songs will reach out to the new generation of listeners and impart to them the same power that she gave to previous generations.

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